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How Prosthetics Can Help Your Child Live a Fuller Life

Last updated 2 years ago

If your child must face life without a limb, whether due to injury or a congenital condition, it can seem overwhelming for both you and the child. Even with the best medical care available, losing a limb can limit his or her ability to do many things. A custom prosthetic can help change that. Prosthetic limbs are designed to provide the tools to live a full, active life. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider the options for prosthetics for your child:

Increased Mobility

Children love to be active, and losing a limb can interfere with that activity. One benefit of a prosthetic for a child is that it gives the child more freedom to move around and explore the world. In the case of a prosthetic leg or foot, this increased mobility also brings increased access to public places. Not every location is easily accessible with a wheelchair, so a prosthetic leg can help your child get to places he or she might not have been able to otherwise.

Greater Confidence

Children experience being different very keenly, and this can weigh on them heavily when they start school. By wearing a prosthetic, your child can feel more like his or her classmates, which will help boost confidence. Since confidence is associated with better academic and social performance at school, a prosthetic could be an investment in your child’s educational success.

Better Social Engagement

Mobility and confidence allow your child to do something very important—engage with other children. Whether it is having the self-confidence to join a group in the cafeteria or the ability to take part in a playground game, a prosthetic can help ensure that your child does not feel isolated from peers.

Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics understands the special needs of our younger customers. Whether you opt for a prosthetic from our off-the-shelf collection or a custom-made prosthetic for your child, we’re always here to answer your questions and make sure your child gets the best and most comfortable fit. Call us now at (717) 337-2273 and find out how we can improve your child’s quality of life.


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